Gifting on Valentine’s- Be Mindful About It

proof of purchase

Humans value love to the greatest extent- so much so that a whole week is dedicated to them, with things happening at a frenzied pitch. The D- day a.k.a Valentines Day holds the greatest importance in being the apogee of this “Celebration of Love”celebration of love and hence, we often strive to build the most memorable occasion ever. Gifting holds an important aspect in the scheme, as it is the ultimate sign of showing love and affection. We pick out gifts, with a great deal of thought put to it, in order to present it as a small token of our affection.  Yet humans aren’t perfect- our sense of gifting doesn’t always hit the mark. A miscalculation in size and taste and all the efforts put on gifting goes down the drain. But hey! There is always an option of exchange- something that can act as a friend and a foe, at the same time.

 Here bills come of great importance, as for any exchange to take place- one needs a proof of purchase. So it is essential to store the bill in either physical/ digital form- to save time and effort. And what if one doesn’t store it? Read on further.

We remember Mrs. Reena Kapoor, right? That resourceful lady who couldn’t go wrong, but wrong she did- during that fateful time period.  Valentine’s Day holds a special place in her heart- her husband had proposed to her on this particular date, 10 years ago and she wanted to commemorate that. She picked up the nicest Tissot watch, booked a romantic place for dinner and planned everything to the T. Yet, as one says, lightning can strike twice and it certainly did. The watch felt too tight for her husband’s wrist and required to be exchanged. Unfortunately, she had accidentally dropped the bill, in excitement for the day and the store manager was refusing  refusing for exchange- manage your bills on binbill to exchange it. All the glory of the evening went to waste as the couple ran pillar-to-post, to get the watch the exchange. Alas! What a way to end the celebration of 10 yrs of togetherness.

If only she had stored the bill somewhere safe. If only she had created a Product Card to store, in BinBill.

Gift. Capture. Relax!!!

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