Time to dust off the cobwebs:

Changing the redundant ways of After Sales Needs.

 Everything has a place, Everything in its place. IS IT?  

In this modern age, the importance of assimilating all valid information remains paramount to the smooth functioning of a wellbeing. Yet we are vulnerable to smaller things which snowballs into a complication, hampering the whole plan and creating a sense of helplessness.

We all have experienced this notion “we don’t find things when we need them the most” and this stands especially true in crucial situations. We receive 100s of SMS and Emails – and hardly a fraction of them are relevant. In this flow of bombardment, the important notifications/alerts are skipped, with difficulty to recall and retrieve, when needed. No wonder SMS‘s are called spam messaging! And as for the “entrapment mail” specialist Email, it is a clickbait lurking in the guise of valuable alerts. Even the people who discovered them would ponder- why did I make it!  

Recently, our own Mrs. Kapoor went through hell, to realize this!  Mrs. Reena Kapoor is a woman of the century- a lady with a highly successful profession and equally satisfying family life. She was considered as all-rounded- achiever, whose life was going perfectly until certain incidents turned out to be an eye-opener. As a prudent lady, Mrs. Kapoor had always vouched on the importance of having all necessary things sorted, for all those “Expect the Unexpected” situations.

 It was only last month, while on her way to, work she was caught by traffic police at a random check.She did not have insurance papers with her and it took awhile for her to rummage through the inbox and discover the soft copy of insurance policy but pity she had missed the client meeting by then.

Incidentally, Over the weekend, when she was visiting the mall with family, she was stopped by police outside the mall signal for the pollution certificate that had recently expired. Too bad- she was cursing herself throughout the rest of the outing. She was caught in a situation where there was no other solution but to give in!

But- what if the things were different? Oh! How happy would she have been if all her documents were available, at a single touch! Magical? Or Reality?

We all get into a similar situation and yet we think “ It won’t happen again” only to realise further in some other way. Just like Reena Kapoor. Next time Reena Kapoor may have issues with the warranty of her newly bought washing machine or the purchase bill of water purifier. Do we need a solution for that right?

As we all say ‘‘Adversity strikes when one is least prepared’. It’s time to be prepared as Reena Kapoor’s case could happen to you, too!

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